Operator Capabilities

A foodservice operator’s work goes far beyond serving great food. As consumers demand higher quality, unique experiences and a variety of options to meet their lifestyle and dietary needs, the decisions operators face are endless. The operator landscape is also rapidly changing with the growth of non-traditional operations and direct to consumer delivery.

At Kinetic12 we help operators stay apprised of consumer trends and we help operators turn that information into actionable insights for both front and back-of-house solutions. We also help operators assess the market, whether its understanding their competition, identifying menu gaps or developing supplier identification planning.

Insight Development

Good insight allows operators to get ahead of trends, understand consumer behaviors and be ready to satisfy a multitude of customer needs.

With the rapidly changing operator landscape, it’s imperative that you understand consumer need states, eater types and how different occasions drive food purchase decisions. Kinetic12 turns consumer data into actionable insights and recommendations to stay relevant in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Strategic Planning

It’s one thing to know where you want to be and quite another to know how to get there. A great strategy gives you the freedom and confidence to pursue your passion while making wise business decisions at every turn. Kinetic12 helps you align your vision with a plan that works uniquely for your operation and ultimately grow your business.

We are highly experienced in developing actionable insights for both front and back-of-house solutions.

Supplier Planning

With a broad understanding of the food industry and marketplace, we pride ourselves in helping operators sort out the details. Finding trusted suppliers and the right mix of products can be time consuming and overwhelming. We know operators want partners who provide quality products and value-added support. Through our vast industry connections and deep knowledge of foodservice manufacturing—we can keep you informed of what’s out there and help you sort out which suppliers are best suited to meet your needs.

Market Assessment

If you want to know where you stand and how to move forward, it’s always good to pause and take a look around. Whether it’s understanding consumer taste preferences, pinpointing common operator challenges or knowing what the competition is doing, a thorough assessment of the market provides operators with many crucial details to create a successful business.

Kinetic12 is equipped to analyze current market conditions and give you a report of full market demographics, consumer behavior trends and business trends. We also utilize the Datassential Firefly Operator Database to assess the current competitive marketplace.

We help you see the big picture regarding consumers, menu trends and the ever-changing competitive set and operator landscape.