Manufacturer Capabilities

At Kinetic12 we work with leading food manufacturers to navigate the changing foodservice landscape.  We help manufacturers create business building strategies based on relevant and actionable consumer trends, understand the new operator landscape to be customer-centric and to understand and capture their fair share of traditional and new distribution models and routes to market.

Strategic Planning

Foodservice manufactures are facing more disruptive changes than ever before. Therefore, a sound strategic plan and action oriented executional roadmap with insight into the current market conditions and how to navigate them is critical.

At Kinetic12, our approach to strategic planning is grounded in turning data and information into insights that identify a market opportunity or exposes a risk.  We then turn those insights into actionable strategies with a detailed execution plan.  Let us help you build thoughtful, provoking plans that set you on the most efficient, effective path for new vision and growth.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

In a cluttered world of messaging and brands that echo one another, it can be hard for customers to distinguish one company from the next.  Our goal is to make sure your brand is poised with clarity and distinction, and that your brand communicates a unique point of difference.

We have a customized process to arrive at your brand’s functional and emotional benefits, and ensure that your brand positioning resonates in today’s marketplace with your target customer.  Through a process grounded in data and insight we create strong brand positions that are a unique point of difference in your category.

Research & Insight Development

Good foresight comes from insight.  At Kinetic12 we help turn your data into actionable insights that can inform your strategic planning, your brand plans and possibly change how you talk to customers.

We believe business decisions must be grounded in insights, based in facts and data.  Success requires taking the time to gather the knowledge to build compelling and actionable insights that lead to sound business decisions.

We are experienced in qualitative research and our partnership with Datassential gives you access to a team of research experts grounded exclusively in the foodservice industry.

Portfolio & Category Planning

With higher consumer expectations and constantly evolving tastes, the demand for innovation in the world of food is greater than ever.  Operators must work harder than ever to satisfy today’s consumers, they look for manufacturers to offer an on-trend portfolio and innovation strategies to meet consumer’s multiple need states and eating occasions.

We take a disciplined and strategic approach to assessing your product or service mix and develop a long-term portfolio strategy for your business.  Whether you want to strengthen your innovation pipeline or build a new holistic portfolio strategy, we can help.


The path to getting your products to market is becoming more challenging in foodservice with many new and emerging distribution channels.

Kinetic12 brings intimate knowledge of the foodservice industry, segments, distribution models and purchasing requirements to get your product to the right customer and the right time.  We understand that as the foodservice channel changes and as consumers demand products when, where and how they want them, your route to market model change or evolve.

Our approach to assessing and optimizing your route-to-market strategy includes:

  • Prioritizing and targeting the optimal mix of segments and customer
  • Looking at traditional distribution along with cash & carry, club stores, ecommerce and direct to consumer delivery
  • Determining the most efficient model to get your products into the hands of customers
  • Segmenting and optimizing your customer mix, choosing where to invest and identifying win-win opportunities

Customer Planning

Put your energy where you’ll see the most returns.  As customer demands continue to change, it is imperative that manufacturers identify the biggest growth opportunities and invest resources against their most valuable customers.

Kinetic12 helps manufacturers build customer segmentation models based not only on size but profitability, alignment and projected future growth.  We have developed industry best practices and strategic models for operator collaboration and joint business planning.  Through this disciplined approach, we can help you grow your customer relationships.

Organizational Design and Process Improvement

Organizational design is more than a new organization chart.  It’s a detailed analysis of the big picture and the smallest details – looking everywhere for fresh opportunities and new ways of thinking.  We know your business is more likely to deliver long-term, sustainable growth if your organization’s design, structure and processes are developed carefully and strategically.

Organization designs are challenged by disruption in current marketplace dynamics, strategy changes and internal cost structures that are no longer competitive.  We help you develop optimal organization design that ensures clear understanding of the work to be accomplished and ensures that your company’s goals and strategies are supported and delivered via the optimal design and processes.

Kinetic12 will ensure your organization has the optimal operating model, organizational design and work processes for today’s challenges and future growth.

Trade Spending & Customer Profitability Management

The challenge faced by manufacturers related to trade spending has been well documented. The industry has seen a proliferation of tools to help manufacturers better manage the investments they make with customers. Unfortunately, the Foodservice environment continues to evolve leading to new and different demands of manufacturers to spend with customers.

Kinetic12 helps manufacturers successfully navigate this challenging environment. We believe the key to effectively and efficiently managing trade spend starts with understanding you: Who are your customers? What are you trying to accomplish with them? What processes and tools do you have in place? How do you compare to best in class and competition? How do you win in the marketplace? We seek to understand your business first and benchmark how you compare to other Foodservice manufacturers. We then work with your organization to develop and execute trade solutions that enable your business goals.

Kinetic12 partners have delivered bottom line results for clients by implementing solutions that have created better visibility to customer profitability, enhanced customer contracts, improved the efficiency of trade spend & customer pricing decision making, improved the effectiveness of trade promotion management (TPM) systems and upgraded organizational capability. Kinetic12 can help you transform your trade spending into a key lever to efficiently and effectively enable profitable sales and/or margin growth.