Distribution Capabilities

Foodservice distribution serves a critical role in the food industry and is one of the key enablers of a complex foodservice value chain.  As distribution methods evolve, foodservice distributors must continue to adapt their business models.  New operators provide new opportunities for revenue growth but increased transparency threatens already low margins and alternative distribution methods threaten case volume.

Winning distributors are increasingly focusing on specific operator segments and targets, offering value added services to key operators, and using data and insights to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness.  Kinetic12 works with our distributor clients to make meaningful changes to the way they do business that delivers increased profit to their bottom line.

Market Assessment & Operator Acquisition

We combine our wealth of food industry knowledge with a proprietary analytic approach to help distributors gain a clear picture of the markets in which they operate. We help you understand the market demographics from consumer behavior to business climate trends and utilize the Datassential Firefly Operator Database to assess the current operator composition in a specific marketplace. The result is up-to-the-minute data and insights that help you determine where to focus your resources.

We then work with your local teams to integrate our assessment of the market with their knowledge and create an action-oriented plan to increase financial results specific to that market. We also work directly with your manufacturer and broker partners to execute the plan while providing training to your team so they can replicate the approach.

Category Planning

Category planning has become one of the key capabilities within foodservice distribution. Understanding which categories will drive your future growth, identifying the right suppliers with the capabilities to enable this growth, and developing a collaborative category plan has become a source of competitive advantage for many distributors.

We take a disciplined and strategic approach that has proven successful for our clients and With our deep expertise in category planning, we can help you improve your category planning and deliver results that improve your bottom line.

Supplier Planning

Many distributors are now looking to develop deeper relationships with a couple of key suppliers. As many of these strategic suppliers provide more than a single category, category planning may not be able to unlock the maximum value of the relationship.

Kinetic12 helps distributors identify potential strategic partners and help gain alignment to building a deeper relationship. We work to uncover opportunities that tap into a broad set of resources and capabilities and build plans to ensure successful execution.

Strategic Planning

When looking to the future and creating a plan for growth, efficiency and profitability, it takes real insight into the current market conditions and how to navigate them. As seasoned foodservice experts, we have extensive knowledge to give you a strategic edge and form a plan you can execute with confidence.

At Kinetic12, our approach to strategic planning is grounded in turning data and information into insights that identify a market opportunity or exposes a risk. We then turn those insights into actionable strategies with a detailed execution plan. Let us help you build thoughtful, provoking plans that set you on the most efficient, effective path for new vision and growth.