Strategic Planning Process Design and Training

Developing more impactful strategic plans by implementing a new planning process and building strategic planning skills

Client Challenge:

Despite a highly skilled and seasoned team of marketers the leadership determined that their annual strategic planning process was not yielding well thought out and impactful plans.  Situation assessments were not sufficiently grounded in data and research that led to weak insights and strategies that were not solving for the most important opportunities and issues.

Additionally, the planning process itself was ad-hoc and treated as a “b”-priority.  Plans were based off last year’s plans and often completed in a rush without sufficient cross-functional input,

How Kinetic12 Helped:

Kinetic12 led the development of a new strategic planning approach that included a simplified process and worksheets that included examples and writing tips.

The new planning process was based on the clients existing approach and language so as not to represent too much change.  It incorporated best-in-class tools and models to help the marketing team identify the most important opportunities and issues in their categories.

Training classes and small group coaching sessions were conducted to build capabilities in the areas of critical thinking, insight development, cross-functional input and alignment, scorecarding and measurement, and selling the plan.

Coaching sessions were conducted to “learn while doing” by writing the actual plans.


More compelling and actionable plans have resulted.  The company’s senior management has seen a dramatic change in the flow of logic, the use of insights linked to strategy, and the confidence in which the marketing team presented their ideas.

Cross-functional involvement and alignment increased.  Stronger relationships were built as a result of asking for input and involving other managers in the process.  Sales felt they had a jump-start on execution because they knew ahead of time what was coming.

As a result of this success, Kinetic12 was asked to come back the following year to repeat the training and coaching process to further elevate these planning capabilities.