Grocery – Prepared Foods Segment Opportunity Assessment

Customer research to determine unmet needs, competitive differentiation and how to win.

Client Challenge

Despite the fact that Prepared Foods was one of the fastest growing segments in Foodservice this manufacturer was not growing.  They needed to determine why?  How should their portfolio change?  What did retailers really value from suppliers?

How Kinetic12 Helped

Kinetic12 conducted interviews with retailer decision makers and local in-store prepared foods managers. The insights from these interviews were framed up in a comprehensive report that delved into the following areas.

  • The evolution of the grocery prepared foods segments from the retailer’s perspective.
  • Retailer’s priority areas of investment.
  • Menu assortment strategies.
  • Top management issues, such as labor, food safety and driving traffic.
  • The definition of a best in class supplier. Who these suppliers are and what they are specifically doing that makes them preferred.
  • An assessment of what the client manufacturer was doing well, doing poorly and where they can improve.


The output was a deeper understanding of what the customer wants and needs and how this manufacturer could become more relevant and more valued. This insight was used by the manufacturer to inform the evolution of their deli portfolio strategy (what to sell) and communication strategy (how to sell it).