Local Market Growth Planning and Execution

Helping a major Foodservice distributor grow market share in different markets

Client Challenge:

A top 10 foodservice distributor was looking to grow market share in specific markets by undertaking an aggressive new customer acquisition strategy.  Corporate leadership wanted to coordinate the growth strategies at a national level but realized that strategies must be grounded in local market insights and relevant to the local management team to get buy in and focus.

How Kinetic12 Helped:

Kinetic12 leveraged its local market growth toolkit to create market shares by segment for each of the geographies included in the project.  This identified not only differences in the operator landscape by geography but also differences in the distributor’s go-to-market approach such as segment focus and selling effectiveness.  The market share segment data was augmented with market level census data, economic data, and local consumer data to create a full picture of each market area.

New customer acquisition targets were then identified using factors such as segment, distance to warehouse location, operator density and sales potential for the distributor.  Kinetic12 also conducted an assessment of the local warehouses preparedness to successfully execute the local level customer acquisition strategy.  Factors included product assortment, pricing competitiveness, marketing support and route capacity.

To ensure successful execution, Kinetic12 led a series of planning meeting with local management to review the output of the analysis and build an action plan to execute the customer acquisition strategy.


At the completion of the project, each market had a unique customer acquisition plan based on the dynamics of that market including specific customer acquisition targets, goals (in total and by sales rep), and next steps including support from corporate to enable successful target conversion.